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    Platz der Grundrechte, Karlsruhe
    Foto: Staatliches Hochbauamt Karlsruhe/Wolfgang Grether

    Platz der Grundrechte (Square of Fundamental Rights), Karlsruhe
    Photo: Staatliches Hochbauamt Karlsruhe/Wolfgang Grether

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    Geplanter Standort „Forum Recht“ am Areal des Bundesgerichtshofs Karslruhe
    Foto: ONUK Fotografie Bernhard Schmidt

    Planned location for "Forum Recht“ on the area of the Federal Supreme Court Karlsruhe
    Photo: ONUK Fotografie Bernhard Schmidt

CATEGORIES: master plans
CLIENT: Karlsruher Forum für Kultur, Recht und Technik e.V.
TEAM: Dieter Bogner, Katharina Knoll
PERIOD: 2017

Feasibility study: content und design guidelines

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bogner.knoll (Vienna) and TRIAD (Berlin) won the competition to develop a feasibility study for the planned "Forum Recht" ("Law Forum") on the grounds of the German Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe.

The study is to present, clearly and convincingly, the feasibility, idea and design of a “Forum Recht” to decision-makers from politics and society, experts in the field and stakeholders from other relevant groups. The two internationally renowned firms, bogner.knoll and TRIAD, are currently working intensively on the guidelines for the project's content and design. The feasibility study will define and assess the options for and focus and scale of a "Forum Recht" in terms of content, operation and implementation. At the same time, the Institut fuer Zeitgeschichte (IfZ, Berlin/Munich) is developing a concept for the content of a permanent exhibition to be set up in the new building.

The "Forum Recht" in Karlsruhe is to be more than just a museum: participation and presentations of contemporary history, documentation, reflection and information are to form the basis on which different social groups can actively engage with historical and modern questions of law and the rule of law. The establishment and development of a "Forum Recht" in Karlsruhe is an important initiative at a time of intensive and often uncoordinated/uninformed discussion not just about law, justice and injustice but also about different legal cultures, and at a time in which apparently established legal principles are being called into question.

Find out more at the “Forum Recht” website and at the press portal of the city of Karlsruhe.

Forum Recht Karlsruhe 3

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